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Token Description:
Token gives you access to a global, open financial system. We make it easy to send, receive, and use digital money.

Token is currently running on the Ropsten-revival testnet and is not able to receive mainnet ETH.

Token is an open source browser for the Ethereum network being developed by a passionate group of developers and designers in San Francisco and Oslo. Our mission is to provide universal access to financial services.

The interface is similar to messenger or mobile money apps, but it uses an open protocol for money underneath that works anywhere in the world (Ethereum). We never have access to customer funds (these stay on your device) and we do not host any of the apps (these are hosted by third parties). In this sense, Token is similar to a web browser for the Ethereum network.

1) Powered by Ethereum
Ethereum is an open network for currency and financial assets.

2) Control your money
Token never has access to your funds, only you do.

3) Access a global economy
Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can use Token.

Terms of service available at

Token screenshot for Android
Token screenshot for Android
Token screenshot for Android
Token Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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