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Stocks Trader Pro

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Stocks Trader Pro Description:

Stocks Trader Pro lets you track real-time performance of any stock or index. Feel like a pro when you discover how easy it is to get stock market information and apply it successfully. This stocks app will increase the size of your investment portfolio!

--== Features ==--

* Get informed with live rates of 250 instruments including Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, & Indices!
* Start investing by buying, selling or trading in stock markets across the planet!
* The awesome Favorites List lets monitor your favorite stocks & currencies!
* Enjoy all types of trade execution with the simple user-friendly interface!
* Build a customized portfolio to keep track of your favorite stocks, bonds, & mutual funds!
* Grow your finances with the help of extremely handy financial tools and calculators!

Dedicated investors check their portfolios and the stock market often throughout the day. Do you want a professional stocks trading advantage that helps you decide what stocks to buy? Smart investors are knowledgeable investors. This stocks app easily streams up-to-date information on the stock market wherever you are. You’ll know exactly how your
penny stocks are doing and you’ll learn about new stocks to invest in.

Use the Chart feature to see how an individual stock or option has performed over time. Charts show gains and losses of selected stocks and the current bid prices. Add your favorite stocks, commodities, bonds, futures, or world currencies to the Favorites List to follow their progress. You can quickly keep track of fluctuations in the prices of stocks to determine trends in the stock market and international indices. The way this stocks app displays current market prices makes it simple to discover new stocks to invest in. Enter stocks symbols and get real-time quotes during premarket times, when the market opens, and after-hours.

You don’t have to be a hardcore stock trader to use this stocks app. The beautiful user interface is intuitive to use. It organizes, tracks, and analyzes your personal holdings so you know what to buy and sell. Knowing accurate streaming prices of stocks and commodities is the secret to stocks trading. Penny stocks aren’t going to pick themselves. With Stocks Trader Pro, you’ll know what stocks to buy. This app is your ticket to fast and efficient trading.

Stocks Trader Pro screenshot for Android
Stocks Trader Pro screenshot for Android
Stocks Trader Pro screenshot for Android
Stocks Trader Pro screenshot for Android
Stocks Trader Pro screenshot for Android
Stocks Trader Pro screenshot for Android
Stocks Trader Pro Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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