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Stock Quote & Insider Tracker

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Stock Quote & Insider Tracker Description:
Providing Realtime stock quote / ask / bid / after hour price, charts, stock earnings calendar, portfolio gains, insider transactions, and much more all in one app. This is investors' #1 finance app to track stock price, portfolio performance, market index, commodity, major currency, bonds, financial news, earnings calendar, and insider trading. It allows real time access to stock price (ask/bid/after hour), charts, dividends, statistics, fundamentals, news, earnings calendar, and insider trading activities. It also pushes notification for larger price change, earnings report, and insider activity for your stocks.
High Lights
■ Real-time notification - shows new earnings reports and insider activities on your stocks.
■ Real-time stock quotes - live stock, ETF, funds quote/ask/bid/after-hour prices for the US stock market all in realtime! It shows fundamentals and statistics, including volume, market cap, low/high, dividends yields, p/e, etc.
■ Financial News - Alerts on major market and company events as they happen.
■ Insider trading - SEC form-4 insider trading activity monitoring for US stocks. This app also surfaces insiders' activities of your stocks with our premium service.
■ Earnings Calendar - Daily highlights of earnings reports of US stocks. It also surfaces earnings calls of your stocks with our premium service.
■ Widgets - home screen and lock screen widgets for real time quotes of your portfolio or watch list, Android 3.0 or later.
■ Import your stock portfolios from Yahoo or Google Finance (Experimental). It is always easier to set up your Yahoo(preferred) or Google Finance portfolios and then import them into the app. The app is only tested with main stream android phone on the US market and with US Yahoo/google account (2 step verification is not supported) for now.
■ This app uses Yahoo's ticker naming convention, esp. for foreign stocks. E.g. ^DJI, BAC-WTA, TLW.L, SU.TO. Same naming rule apply to commodities as well, e.g. CLM15.NYM. Foreign stocks in google finance portfolio may need manual fix to add the country suffix.
■ All-in-one market view - Global market indices, currencies, bonds, commodities, S&P 500 market movers, and finance/company news, all updated in real time.
■ Portfolio view - Build your own customized portfolio as a personal portfolio tracker to monitor your favorite financial instruments. Five different sub-views (stock chart<1 day, 5 day, 1 year, 5 year, TA>, detail quotes, key statistics, news) giving the real time price and all the details of stocks and investments you care about, supporting all types of investments: stocks, ETF, CEF, and mutual funds.
■ All the stock, investment, portfolio, holdings, earnings, insiders, and personal performance information is stored locally on your device for your protection.
Quick Start Guide
+ Switch between stock portfolio, watch list, market, and insider transactions views using the Volume Up/Down button or Navigation drawer.
+ Show your investment portfolio's daily/total gain (toggle by a single click) on top of your portfolio view and you could choose to show/hide the investment performance from the menu.
+ The stock insider transactions are delayed (roughly two business days) for free service. Please consider sign up for our premium service for real time service and automatically surfacing the insider activity on your lists.
+ Pull-to-refresh the market view or portfolio/watchlist views to update price, performance, charts and news.
+ Customize your app in the Settings.
Known issues
* Google finance portfolio Import does not work if 2 step verification is on.
* Google play service is required. Please update it to the latest version.
This free app is still under active development, and many features are in beta. Please rate accordingly and contact the developer( [email protected] ) for feature requests or bug reports.

Stock Quote &amp; Insider Tracker screenshot for Android
Stock Quote &amp; Insider Tracker screenshot for Android
Stock Quote &amp; Insider Tracker screenshot for Android
Stock Quote &amp; Insider Tracker screenshot for Android
Stock Quote &amp; Insider Tracker screenshot for Android
Stock Quote &amp; Insider Tracker screenshot for Android
Stock Quote & Insider Tracker Require:
Require Android 4.0 and up
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