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Stock-O-Meter Description:
Remain informed to the market price changes with stock price alerts and notifications.
Individual notification rules for stock in your portfolio get alerted directly on your Smartphone when stock prices hit determined low or high values. Keep peace of mind as Stock-O-Meter does all the hard work. Stock-O-Meter is your stock price alarm clock.
** Demo Version available for trying out **
++ Stock Alarm / Notification Features
* Create entries for each of your stocks
* Set min & max price range for your stock. Stock-O-Meter will alert you when the day price is outside of this range
* Customize notifications for each stock including sound and vibration alert
* Optional repeat notification feature
* Alerts based on the day high / low stock prices.
++ Schedule Options
* Multiple scheduling options to reduce battery consumption
* Schedule updates from 30 seconds to every 24 hours
* Select days to perform the update
* Schedule the Start and End time for performing the updates
* Smart scheduling taking care not to drain your battery
++ Portfolio Features
* Add multiple stocks to your account
* Enter your purchase stock price and volume (with optional tax deductions)
* Stock-O-Meter will calculate your stock net worth and profit or loss for the current market price
* By default your personal stock data is hidden from prying eyes
* Optional notes
* Set up "what if scenarios" and monitor your potential profit or loss for potential stock purchases
++ Widgets
* Add multiple widgets for each of your stocks
* Display the current stock price
* Shows the day high & low price in addition to the volume sold today
* Last update time of the schedule for piece of mind
++ For some exchanges the stock quotes could be delayed by up to 15 minutes
** Demo Version Available **
A demo version is available as a try before you buy. The Demo has all the functionality of the paid version with the exception you cannot perform backup / restore functions and you are limited to a predefined list of stocks to add.

++ Suggestions & Problems
We actively encourage our customers to help improve our products. If you have a technical problem or just a suggestion for improvement, please drop us a line at [email protected]
++ Lookout for updates in the future!
Tags: Stock Watcher, Stock Tracker, Stock Widget, Stock Price Alert

Stock-O-Meter screenshot for Android
Stock-O-Meter screenshot for Android
Stock-O-Meter screenshot for Android
Stock-O-Meter screenshot for Android
Stock-O-Meter screenshot for Android
Stock-O-Meter screenshot for Android
Stock-O-Meter Require:
Require Android 2.0 and up
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