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Simple Checkbook Ledger

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4 / of 12 ratings

Simple Checkbook Ledger Description:
Thank you for the positive reviews. Your positive reviews encourage future updates.
Please read the whole app description and help text within the app. There is essential information there that you may need to know for the app to work properly. If you are having any problems and need help, please email me. I'll notice you need help much quicker than if you ask for help in a review.
Did you ever wish you could balance your checkbook on your Android smartphone or tablet using a familiar interface that looks like a checkbook register? Well, here it is. Here's a list of all the features this app offers:
- Keeps track of multiple accounts with password protection (password can be turned off in account preferences)
- Saves a list of descriptions/payees so that after you type something once you only need to click on it later
- Click on a transaction to mark it mark it as cleared (it will be highlighted)
- Long-click on a transaction to void, un-void, delete, edit, or add a note to the transaction
- Schedule automatic transactions to be entered into the ledger at specified time intervals such as weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly. Special monthly is also supported for transactions not occurring on the same day every month, such as the third Wednesday of the month
- Export your ledger as a comma separated value (CSV) file that can be loaded on most any spreadsheet software
- Archive cleared transactions to keep the app running smoothly by not making it go through old transactions every time
- Export archived transactions as a CSV file and optionally have them deleted from the app at the time you export them
- Sync to or from Google Drive for easy backups and to share information between multiple devices. Please see "Help" in the app for more details
- Several options can be changed in preferences to tailor the app to your liking
This is the ad-free version of Simple Checkbook Ledger Free. Other than the lack of ads, there is no difference in functionality between the two versions.

Simple Checkbook Ledger screenshot for Android
Simple Checkbook Ledger screenshot for Android
Simple Checkbook Ledger screenshot for Android
Simple Checkbook Ledger screenshot for Android
Simple Checkbook Ledger Require:
Require Android 2.3 and up
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