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Prism Bills & Personal Finance

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Prism Bills & Personal Finance Description:
Prism is a personal finance app that lets you track and pay bills, check bank and credit card balances, and manage your personal finances anytime, anywhere! Hate logging into multiple website to pay bills? Hate paying penalties for small mistakes? Prism is the only app you will need to manage your money and budget, improve your credit score and reduce debt!
With Prism, you can organize your personal finances in one place:
•Track your upcoming bill amounts and due dates
• Pay your bills anytime, anywhere - directly from the app. Payments are processed within minutes, unless we notify you of an exception.
• Check your bank account balances to make sure you have enough cash.
• Receive notifications when your bill arrives, when it’s due and when it’s paid!
• Schedule your payments with maximum flexibility: use your credit card, debit card or bank account.
• Feel safe that your information is secure with us, protected with bank-level encryption.
• Join the happy customers with more than 100MM in payments processed!
• Reach our support team directly via the app.
It's easy to get started!
• Add your bills
• Add your bank account
And that’s it! Immediately, you’ll be able to:
• View balances in your checking, savings and credit card accounts
• Track all your bills and payments
• See what's due and pay your bills in seconds
• Add your payday to manage your money too!
Managing personal finances and budgets can be overwhelming. It’s easy to overdraft, exceed credit limits or miss a bill payment if you juggle multiple credit and debit cards, bank accounts, insurance accounts, and bills. With the Prism app, you can help protect yourself from missing a payment and late fees charges.

Your safety is our priority. Prism was built from the ground up to be super secure. We've gone to extraordinary lengths to safeguard your information.
• All communication is encrypted
• Sensitive information is firewalled
• No sensitive information is stored on your device
• Your device can be deauthorized if it is lost or stolen
Prism supports thousands of banks including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Bancorp, Capital One, Mellon, HSBC, PNC, TD Bank, SunTrust, Fifth Third, Santander Bank, U.S. Bank. We also support most credit unions, including USAA, Navy Federal Credit Union, State Employees Credit Union, Pentagon Credit Union, Boeing Employees Credit Union, America First Credit Union, Suncoast Credit Union, Alliant Credit Union, Schools First Credit Union, Digital Credit Union, Golden1 Credit Union, and many others.
You can see your credit card balances and pay your bill for most credit cards, including: AMEX (American Express) Credit Cards, Discover Credit Cards, Bank of America Credit Cards, Capital One Credit Cards, Citibank Credit Cards, Credit One Credit Cards, Macy’s Credit Cards, Target REDcard, Barclaycard, JCPenney Credit Card, Victoria’s Secret Angel Card, Kohl’s Credit Card, GE Capital Credit Cards, Best Buy Credit Cards, Cards, Home Depot Credit Cards, Lowe’s Credit Cards, Sears Credit Cards, and hundreds more.
Even better, we support all of your billers. The most popular include: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Comcast, T-Mobile, Orchard Bank, DirecTV, Netflix, Time Warner, GEICO, DISH, PayPal, Bill Me Later, Sallie Mae Student Loans, State Farm, Travelers, Progressive, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Ally Auto, Allstate, Travelers, National Grid, and thousands more, including many utility, mortgage, rent, and loan providers.
Prism helps you budget by monitoring all of your personal finance accounts, including checking and savings accounts, stay on top of your money, budget, see cash balances, mortgages, loans and bills. You can say goodbye to banking charges and late fees.
If you’re looking for a Mint or Manilla replacement, look no further! If you're looking for Mobilligy, Mobiligy, Mobilogy, Prisim, or Prizm, you're in the right place!

Prism Bills & Personal Finance screenshot for Android
Prism Bills & Personal Finance screenshot for Android
Prism Bills & Personal Finance screenshot for Android
Prism Bills & Personal Finance screenshot for Android
Prism Bills & Personal Finance screenshot for Android
Prism Bills & Personal Finance screenshot for Android
Prism Bills & Personal Finance Require:
Require Android 4.0 and up
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