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Portfolio Watcher

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Portfolio Watcher Description:
Portfolio Watcher is a completely Free app that allows you to manage and monitor your portfolios. It allows you to download and import your Yahoo Finance / Google Finance portfolios, as well as create local portfolios on your phone. You can also create your own holdings in any portfolio, as well as add custom assets to any porfolio. You can set alarms on price, RSI and ROC and more.

A simple currency convert / calculator allows you to convert and view graphs between 153 different currencies. These values will be available offline and you can also see historical currency rates. A simple support for bitcoin exists as well.

The graph mode features a fully zoomable and scrollable interface, allowing you to view price/volume/technical data for every date since IPO and every minute transaction for the last 5 days.

Full access to different commodity future prices and gold graphs.

App Features:
* Download your Yahoo Finance / Google Finance portfolios.
* Edit portfolio holdings
* Different portfolios support different holdings currency.
* Live Data Graph (15 min delayed)
* IPO Data Graph
* Commodity futures data
* Options data
* Simple currency converter
* Zoom in and out in the graph data
* Scroll back and forth in the graph time line
* Full pinch to zoom support
* Simple double tap zoom in / zoom out for one handed operation.
* Create multiple portfolios
* Summary view for all portfolio holdings
* Set price alarms on any symbol
* Optional price alert background service
* Widgets for holdings and prices
* Support for custom assets
* Bollinger Band indicators (BB)
* Simple Moving Average ( SMA )
* Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
* Relative Strength Index (RSI)
* Slow Stochastics
* Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
* Rate of Change (ROC)
* Trend lines
* Fibonacci
* News sorted per portfolio
* Symbols news page
* Cache graphs for off-line access
* Info page gives you access to several technical indicators, ex Yield, Float, Dividend etc.
* Symbol list background color aligned to current change allows you to easy spot biggest movers ( > 5% ).
* Full support for drag and drop between portfolios
* Auto update of outdated futures
* Custom IPO graph start date
* Ads Free
* Tested on many tablets and phones
* Clean and simple interface

Please note that retrieved data is not perfect.
* You can not get historical data for the commodities, except for gold
* The commodity live data is good for some, worse for some.
* Currency support for less used currencies is so so.

Feedback is appreciated. If you have any problems logging in too yahoo / feature suggestions or just any comments, please contact me before rating me so I can help solve the issues.

The graph system is based on a heavily modified version of GraphView:

If you have any problems, please contact me so I can help solve the issues.

Portfolio Watcher screenshot for Android
Portfolio Watcher screenshot for Android
Portfolio Watcher screenshot for Android
Portfolio Watcher screenshot for Android
Portfolio Watcher screenshot for Android
Portfolio Watcher screenshot for Android
Portfolio Watcher Require:
Require Android 2.3 and up
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