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Paycheck Plan (Pro)

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Paycheck Plan (Pro) Description:
Forecast your accounts and see what comes from each paycheck with Paycheck Plan. Get rid of your checkbook and always know where you stand financially from the convenience of your phone!

Here are just a few of the included features of Paycheck Plan
• Summaries of what comes from each paycheck
• Setup Recurring transactions
• Account Forecasting
• Add Unlimited Accounts
• Create budgets for custom categories
• Lock your app with a pin
• Pie Charts
• Backup and Sync your account between devices through Dropbox
• Take pictures of receipts
• Projected overdraft indicator
• Create custom categories
• Add notes to transactions
• Transfer money between accounts
• Undo your last operation

Have you ever wanted to know how much was coming out of each check? Paycheck Plan is the only app that puts budgeting your paycheck first. This unique outlook on your finances helps you prepare for whatever financial situations life throws at you. Avoid over drafting your account with our forecasting feature that shows when you are projected to overdraft based on any changes you make to your account. The account forecasting is also perfect for planning for that special purchase coming up. Budgeting your each paycheck makes your overall goals easier to maintain.

Setting up all of your accounts has never been so easy. Paycheck Plan also allows you to set up automatic transfers between any of your accounts. This features allows an even more accurate view of all of your finances for you budgeting needs.

Our Paycheck Summaries page shows you a breakdown of what is coming out, how much is left over and the ending account balance based on each of your paychecks. Just set up your recurring transactions and let us handle the rest! You can also view any of your accounts separately within a date range of your choosing.

Do you have personal budgeting goals? We handle that too! Along with creating your own custom categories we allow you to set a budget on any category in your app. The budget feature is a great way to start saving even more and gives a better look at what you are spending your money on. Add a budget to a category and check out how much has been spent within that monthly budget with the budget chart.

Test out how a transaction will effect your account with Paycheck Plan's Undo feature. This allows you to submit a change to your account, see the long term effects and remove it with ease. The Category feature allows you to see what you have or will be spending your money on for a given time. This feature also shows which category you're spending the most on within a given range that you choose.

Get rid of your checkbook and let us do the work for you. This is financial planning made easy. Start managing your finances several paychecks at a time with Paycheck Plan today!

Paycheck Plan (Pro) screenshot for Android
Paycheck Plan (Pro) screenshot for Android
Paycheck Plan (Pro) screenshot for Android
Paycheck Plan (Pro) screenshot for Android
Paycheck Plan (Pro) screenshot for Android
Paycheck Plan (Pro) screenshot for Android
Paycheck Plan (Pro) Require:
Require Android 4.0 and up
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