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Pay Off Debt - New Version

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Pay Off Debt - New Version Description:
If you’d love to watch your debt go down, track your progress, and know exactly when you’ll be debt free, then this app is for you! Whether you’re using the debt snowball method, a debt avalanche, or paying off debt in any order you like, the Pay Off Debt app helps keep you motivated and moving to debt freedom.
If you’re tired of money fights, working for the credit cards, and stressing out over expenses, Pay Off Debt can help you knock out your debts and change your life.
You can go from uncertainty, stress, and worry to doing the things YOU want to do. Guilt free. I know, because my husband and I paid off over $147,000 and are now completely debt free. You can do the things that matter to you too.
It’s different from the others -- because you don't JUST get the app. You also get someone who is on your side; someone who wants to see you succeed and reach the FREEDOM that awaits. I have helpful articles at, offer free email tips, and reply to your questions and comments.
And I don't bombard you with ads, offer in-app purchases, charge you monthly fees, or try to sell you loans or credit scores in the guise of helping the way some do.

• Stay motivated by seeing your planned debt-free date and visualizing your progress.
• Pay off debts using the order and method that works best for you
• Compare & contrast how long it'd take to pay off your debt with different scenarios, and find out how much of a difference even a small extra payment might make. (You can make changes at any time.)
• See exactly how far you’ve come by viewing the payment history for each debt.
• Record payments several ways. For flexibility, you can record payments that are different from the regular minimum payment and record payments frequently.
• Avoid worry. Pay Off Debt doesn’t connect to your accounts or move money around for you. Instead, YOU do the behaviors that will help you become debt free.
• Have confidence. Pay Off Debt shows you amortization tables and a summary of your debt as a whole, and lets you make notes. It takes it all into account: interest rates, starting & current balances, your planned monthly payment, payment recorded dates, estimated time left, and even taxes & insurance (escrow) when adding a Mortgage/HELOC type debt.
• Work together with your spouse and/or an accountability partner. (You can email your info to up to 4 emails.)
• Use additional features, like choosing the currency you want, password protection, etc.
If you have questions or comments about the app or its features -- or about getting out of debt -- please email me at co[email protected] and I'll be happy to get back to you.

Pay Off Debt - New Version screenshot for Android
Pay Off Debt - New Version screenshot for Android
Pay Off Debt - New Version screenshot for Android
Pay Off Debt - New Version screenshot for Android
Pay Off Debt - New Version screenshot for Android
Pay Off Debt - New Version screenshot for Android
Pay Off Debt - New Version Require:
Require Android 4.0.3 and up
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