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My Charts PRO

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My Charts PRO Description:
Are you tired like me to go back and forth to check the charts of your favorite stocks??? This application was made for you!

This app allows you to quickly build a favorite list of stocks (watch list) and display many charts in one single page.

You can then review these CHARTS quickly and SORT them in different ways ...

Start by selecting one of the major list/index:
- Dow Jones Industrial Average
- Nasdaq 100
- S&P 100
- Favorites (your favorite list of stocks)
- MorningStar Wide Moat Focus
- China ADRs
- Sector ETFs

Select "Favorites" > at the very bottom of the screen > Select "Add own stocks"

(Other lists you will find in the PRO version of this app:
- New Highs
- New Lows
- Top Gainers
- Top Losers
- Overbought
- Oversold
- Unusual Volume
- Broker Upgrades
- Broker Downgrades
- Earnings before market
- Earnings after market
- Insider buying
- Insider selling
- Channel Up/Down
- Triangle Asc/Desc
- Double Top/ Bottom
- Multiple Top/Bottom
- Head & Shoulders/Inverted
- Wedge Up/Down
- Trendline Support/Resistance/Hoizontal
- Most Active
- Major News
- (Inverted) Hammer
- (Dragonfly/Gravestone) Doji
- Long Upper/Lower Shadow
- Spinning Top White/Black
- Marubozu White/Black
- High Sales Growth QoQ
- Earnings Today (before Market Open/ after Market Close)
- EarningsTomorrow
- Earnings Next 5 Days, This week, Next week, This month
- Float Short > 20% (Large / Mid / Small / MicroCap )

==> The app will display the charts of all the stocks within the chosen list in a few batches.

Please choose in what order you want to see these stocks/charts:
- Ticker
- Company name
- Gainers / Losers of the day
- Market Cap
- Volume
- P/E
- Beta
- Money Flow
- Last vs 52 weeks High
- Last vs 52 weeks Low
- After-hours/before-hours change

View the list of stocks in ascending (select ‘Asc’) or descending order (select ‘Desc’).

Please choose how many stocks/charts you want to see per page/batch:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 or 20.

Finaly choose the timeframe of charts:
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- Intraday (NEW !)

And the type of charts:
- Candle charts
- Line charts
- Advanced charts (with trendlines and moving averages)
- Line ($) or Percent (%) for Intraday

Scroll down through the list of charts and at the bottom click on “Next 10 charts” to see the next batch of charts ...

On any chart :

- CLICK to zoom in a particular chart (pinch with your 2 fingers to zoom-in/out and scroll left and right)
★★★ LONG CLICK to add the stock to your favorite list ★★★

A stock that has been added to your favorite list of stocks is shown with a *STAR before its name.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this app and that it will save you time going through hundreds of charts...


Charts are coming from FINVIZ - Thank you so much Alex.
Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Intraday charts are coming from Google Finance

★★★ It is still under development, so please rate it accordingly ★★★

Please take a few seconds to SHARE the app on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any preferred venue as more downloads = I'll spend more time to develop this app further!

Thank You.

★★★ If the app force closes from time to time, please use less than 20 charts per page (we're investigating why it doesn't work well on some devices). Thank you for your understanding. ★★★

★★★ Mainly for US & Canadian listed stocks + international ADR ★★★

My Charts PRO screenshot for Android
My Charts PRO screenshot for Android
My Charts PRO screenshot for Android
My Charts PRO screenshot for Android
My Charts PRO screenshot for Android
My Charts PRO screenshot for Android
My Charts PRO Require:
Require Android 2.1 and up
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