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MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker

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MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker Description:
MileCatcher Pro is an automatic mileage tracker that automatically logs your trips for business and Auto-Classify repeat trips saving you much time keeping your mileage log and reports updated. Each trip has a calculated value based on IRS 2017 rates perfect for 1090 independent contractors and self-employed.

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MileCatcher uses country specific tax rates e.g. US IRS 2016 deduction rates of 54 cent for business as well as medical, charity rates. Or set own purpose and custom business rate for each 1090 job/project and keep a mileage log for each project. After a trip, simply tap to classify in app. Export your mileage log with free unlimited reports in 3 formats ( .pdf, .xls and .csv).

MileCatcher offers unlimited triplog free for ever - so no 40 trips free limit per months or forced subscription. MileCatcher Free version allow unlimited trip logging and rich reports in pdf, xls and csv. Full route shown for each trip and plus rich in app statistics. Keep using MileCatcher for unlimited trip log for free if Premium is not for you. No forced up-sell.

Each trip is logged with route and full address for easy classification. All trips are available in app. Just quickly tap to filter trips to find those that has not yet been classified. Use premium subscription to save time with Auto-Classify™, classify by work hours and preset purposes or user defined purposes e.g. projects or districts. Perfect for independent contractors and 1090 self-employed.

Unlimited trip log. Automatic Mileage Tracker. Rich expense reports. All free.
Document your business trips automatically. Never forget a trip.
Supports mileage and kilometer metric.

** Time filter to quickly access trips for specific time period
** Pull down menu summary of all trips - check % classified and $ earned
** Auto-Classify@ - Save time by letting MileCatcher auto-classify™ repeat and personal drives
** Traffic - see where you loose time due to bad traffic
** Traffic warnings - monitor your hard stop and acceleration to improve your fuel economy
** Quick summary in app to show % of trip expenced as business and total value earned.
** Review route with traffic analysis and traffic safety
** Reports in PDF, .xls and .csv format
** Vehicles - Manage details of your vehicles, complete with annual odometer readings and VIN scanner

With an automatic mileage log you never forget a trip and Auto-Classify reduces time classifying trips.

• Detecting your drives and logging them automatically as soon as you leave the car.
• Calculating trip distances and value based on actual route. Accurately!
• Auto-syncing drive data securely to the cloud.
• Capturing drives in miles or kilometers (mi or km).
• Accessing your complete drive history on the app or in the web portal

• Classify trips with a single tap for Personal or Business.
• Uniquely classify repeat trips once suing Auto-Classify™
• Set work hours to Auto-Classify™ your personal drives.
• Use pre-set Justifications to quickly define your drive purposes.
• Create and manage vehicle profiles complete with odometer readings.
• Add parking, tolls, vehicle information and notes in app or portal for reports
• Create or delete trips as needed
• IRS tax rules for 2016-2017

MileCatcher, Inc. We build driving apps that save you time and money.

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• Terms of Service: http://www.milecatcher/legalpro
• Privacy Policy: http://www.milecatcher/legalpro

MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker screenshot for Android
MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker screenshot for Android
MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker screenshot for Android
MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker screenshot for Android
MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker screenshot for Android
MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker screenshot for Android
MileCatcher - Mileage Tracker Require:
Require Android 4.4 and up
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