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Invest by Rubicoin

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Invest by Rubicoin Description:
Rubicoin’s mission is to get the world investing successfully. We help you to start investing with total confidence, even if you’ve never picked a stock before. Learn more about the market as you go and confidently manage your own financial future all within our app.

We stand for getting started and empowering the next generation of investors.

We aim to provide you with all the ingredients of successful stock investing and guide you through your investing life. We believe in our approach to investing and obsess over our duty to create the most beautiful and user-friendly products for our customers.

Our app is free from paperwork, middlemen, and investing jargon. We have made investing beautiful, engaging and enjoyable.

We handpick the top 1% of companies from the U.S. stock markets and outline in simple terms why we think each company is a great investment opportunity. When you are ready, simply ‘Tap to Invest’ and you start investing securely and confidently. Monitor your investing journey with your own in-app portfolio. New stocks are added regularly.

The stocks are chosen by Rubicoin’s co-founder, Emmet Savage. Emmet has been investing for over 20 years & has taught numerous seminars on investing. He also has been a key contributor for The Motley Fool, the largest financial publication in the USA, during that time.

After having his portfolio professionally reviewed, it found his average annual return for the last 11 years has been over 24%. Those are the kinds of returns that transform a $1,000 investment into over $10,000.

We are fully and officially integrated with DriveWealth, opening up the US stock market to users from over 190 countries, offering speedy, secure and seamless trading.

For maximum security, your brokerage information is always fully encrypted and we never store it on our servers. We take security of your personal data very seriously.

With Invest Plus, you can unlock even more great recommendations and expert analysis. Stock of the Month is the one stock that we believe in most right now and Star Stocks are lesser known investment opportunities handpicked by our stock analysts.

Invest by Rubicoin screenshot for Android
Invest by Rubicoin screenshot for Android
Invest by Rubicoin screenshot for Android
Invest by Rubicoin screenshot for Android
Invest by Rubicoin screenshot for Android
Invest by Rubicoin Require:
Require Android 4.3 and up
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