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Forex Tutorials

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Forex Tutorials Description:
Tutorials and experts know how to help you get the skills you need to make a fortune quickly.

What is Forex market?

“Forex” is a common abbreviation for “foreign exchange.” It involves trading on the global market of bank-to-bank transactions, where currencies are the goods. Currency trading takes place in special sections of worldwide stock exchanges. Your physical presence in the stock exchange building used to be a must, but with Internet development currency trading has become available to a wide range of interested parties.
Forex market has many advantages:

- not linked to a specific venue;
- 24-hour trading excluding weekends and holidays;
- anyone can trade. All you need is Internet access and profound knowledge and our courses can help you with this.

If you think that currency can generate significant passive income: Forex market is for you! However, a few questions arise:

- what are the reasons for exchange rates fluctuations and prices changes for assets/stocks, what should be considered when making transactions?
- what are the risks for trade beginners?
- how to develop your own profit strategy?

Watching our videos for traders you get a comprehensive overview of market trading: base and quoted currencies, calculation of transaction trading volumes in lots, advisor help and much more.

The course consists of seven chapters and covers a wide range of topics from currency price influences to graphic tools understanding and applying credit leverage correctly.

Our app has a built-in trading simulator to practise your skills and dive into online trading world with no risk of losing real money. Thus, beginners can get a taste of how the market works while experienced investors can try out various strategies and compare their efficiency.

So, what do you need to start making money?

Complete training to understand core principles of currency trading and master trading terminal functions and market analysis techniques.

Register on a broker website such as Forex Club or a dealing center that will grant you access to trading on Forex market.

Every experienced trader had to start somewhere. Our lessons will help you succeed and avoid hidden agendas. Complete the training to use efficiently the trading platforms and apply fundamental and graphical analysis.

All your questions are covered by our app.

Forex Tutorials screenshot for Android
Forex Tutorials screenshot for Android
Forex Tutorials screenshot for Android
Forex Tutorials screenshot for Android
Forex Tutorials screenshot for Android
Forex Tutorials screenshot for Android
Forex Tutorials Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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