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Forex Live Converter

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Forex Live Converter Description:

Forex Live Converter gives you accurate live rates and the financial tools that you need to analyze world currency exchange rates. This currency converter is a quick and easy way to monitor currency exchange rates. Your analysis of live rates leads to bigger earnings from trades!

##### Features #####

)) Find out the live conversion rates of multiple currencies in an instant!
)) Track the live exchange rates of 227 world currencies!
)) The Favorites List lets you examine the world currencies that grab your attention!
)) The clever user interface converts all major currencies with simplicity!

Forex trading used to be solely in the jurisdiction of institutions, corporations, and hedge funds. The popularity of internet trading changed all that. Traders and institutions trade currencies around the clock. This 24-hour market generates a lot of data.
The Forex market is a speculative market with no physical exchanges of currency taking place. Trades depend on market price to give you a profit or loss. This Forex currency converter helps you study the fluctuations in live rates. This information gives you an advantage when Forex trading.

Currency pairs sometimes go on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. This Forex currency converter checks the live rates of any world currencies that interest you. Get a picture of trends in the exchange rate of different currencies that appeal to you with the Favorites List.

This Forex currency converter is one of the most important financial tools that you can possess in the world of Forex trading. The Charts feature compiles the data generated by the Forex market. You can determine trends in currency exchange rates to speculate when to buy or sell currencies, like EUR to GDP.

Daily, monthly or yearly currency exchange rates can be viewed to get a historical overview of different currency pairs. This Forex currency converter helps make decisions that increase your wealth. Making money and converting EUR to GPD is easy with Forex Live Converter.

Forex Live Converter screenshot for Android
Forex Live Converter screenshot for Android
Forex Live Converter screenshot for Android
Forex Live Converter screenshot for Android
Forex Live Converter screenshot for Android
Forex Live Converter Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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