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Forecast for Daytrading

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Forecast for Daytrading Description:
Our ESStockForecast offers - among other functions - daily forecasts for exchange rates.

With corresponding exchange knowledge the app can help to make good profits.

We have developed very complex software, which performs a pattern recognition for each share on the basis of price information and the technical analysis. This software runs on its own server. This app retrieves the data from there.

A stock forecast is displayed for one or more shares. Which stocks is only known by our software.
The forecasts refer to short-term price changes within the next max. 20 days. The hit rate of the forecasts is more than 75%.

There is no registration in our system !!! You have no obligations. We need no data from your side.

You can buy one forecast for e very small fee. If you want to use the app every day, you can book a week or month pass with corresponding good discounts. These subscriptions can be unsubscribed at any time in the Playstore.

The app includes additional features for a simple trading strategy suitable to the forecast data. The following information can be stored:
• how available capital
• maximum risk per day and trade
• approximate trading costs
You can get a suggestion of how much could be traded according to our strategy and what profit to expect, but also what loss would occur in the worst case. This proposal can be adapted and incorporated into a watch list.

In the case of saved forecasts from the past, their progression can be viewed. An evaluation of the progression is displayed.

Another feature is hourly intraday forecasts, which can be included in the watchlist as well as the daily forecasts. This Intraday forecasts are free if you by a week or monthly pass, otherwise you pay a small fee for the forecast.

Most of the software runs on a server that generates the forecast based on complex algorithms. Of that one notes in the App however nothing. Inquiries to the server are quickly answered with neartime course information.

The App does not provide the opportunity to take action. There are other programs for this.

We assume no guarantee for the forecasts and commercial proposals.
If you like, you can make real trades or only watch the markets for fun.

The app is designed for end users and it is permitted to forward the results to third parties.

If there is any interest in forwarding the forecasts to third parties, please contact us.
We offer good conditions and appropriate service interfaces.

Our motivation for this app
I would like to earn a few thousand euros, after the end of the evening, a nice side-money without risking the money completely. Suitable software, which gives me a daily forecast with an entry and exit point, without having to analyze charts, I have not found.

We have been dealing with hobby with the exchange business for about 10 years. We are not a broker or a trading expert. So we have worked a little into the matter of the technical analysis. As exchange experts, we would still not be in any way.
Looking for software that provides me with forecasts, we found very few independent programs or Apps. All are based on the well-known chart patterns or indicators, are complicated, overloaded and you have the choice of which signals are the right ones.
When reading one of the "bibles" of the technical analysis "Analysis of the Financial Markets of John J. Murphy", I found that the basis is the search for course patterns.
This can make a software very well and even share-individually. The idea for a software was born. We have been developing software for more than 30 years and are recognized experts for complex software systems.

Please visit our website for more information about the App.

Forecast for Daytrading screenshot for Android
Forecast for Daytrading screenshot for Android
Forecast for Daytrading screenshot for Android
Forecast for Daytrading screenshot for Android
Forecast for Daytrading screenshot for Android
Forecast for Daytrading screenshot for Android
Forecast for Daytrading Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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