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Fast Budget - Expense Manager

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Fast Budget - Expense Manager Description:
Keep your personal or family finances easily under control with Fast Budget - Expense Manager.
You can check your daily expenses and improve your savings.
Visualize the flow of your money at a glance with the fully customizable Overview page.
In Fast Budget, you have many tools for managing your money better, like various types of charts or a useful calendar.
It is possible to synchronize up to five devices.

Fast Budget - Expense Manager features:
OVERVIEW: The application has a fully customizable overview page to see all the important information at a glance.
ACCOUNTS AND CREDIT CARDS: Create and modify your accounts as you please. There are two account types: Normal and hidden.
The hidden accounts can be very useful for tracking small businesses or hobbies.
In addition, with each account, you can view the most important information relating to it with helpful charts.
There is also an entire section dedicated to credit cards.
Both accounts that credit cards can be used in over 90 different currencies.
CATEGORIES: Manage your daily expenses and income as you wish.
You can create as many categories as you want, edit existing ones or rearrange them, to have the most used on top of the list.
TRANSACTIONS: Insert your daily revenues and outgoings, or schedule them to recur over time.
There are various tools within this budget manager to speed up the insertion of a gain or of a loss:
- You can enter scheduled earnings and expenditures.
- You can create transaction templates.
- You can set a default account for your profits and costs.
- There are two widgets to accelerate the creation of an operation.
BUDGETS: Create custom budgets to always know how much money you still have available.
CHARTS: Watch your finances with different types of charts: Show and compare your expenses and earnings to know where to save money.
In the app, there are more than five different chart types.
CALENDAR: View your day-to-day profits and outlays. Be always aware of when and where you have spent.
SUMMARY: This is a handy section to see a summary of your cash flow in the last period.
- Synchronize up to 5 devices.
- Color the pages as you wish: For each page, you can choose the color that you prefer.
- Automatic backup on SD card and in Dropbox to avoid data loss.
- Import and export your data to a PC with the .csv and .xls(Excel) files.
- Protect your data with a password, without wasting time:
If you choose, create new transactions without entering your password.
- Reminder for not forget to insert your daily transactions.
- Choose between more than 90 currencies and customize the currency and date format.
Some features are not available in the free version.
Check your personal or family finances now with this budget planner.
This application will continue to be developed in the months to come.
New features will be added to ensure a better user experience.
If you encounter problems or have suggestions, contact the developer of Fast Budget - Expense Manager at:
[email protected]

Fast Budget - Expense Manager screenshot for Android
Fast Budget - Expense Manager screenshot for Android
Fast Budget - Expense Manager screenshot for Android
Fast Budget - Expense Manager screenshot for Android
Fast Budget - Expense Manager screenshot for Android
Fast Budget - Expense Manager screenshot for Android
Fast Budget - Expense Manager Require:
Require Android Varies with device
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