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EZ Bill Reminder

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EZ Bill Reminder Description:
EZ Bill Reminder provides easy-to-use tools that help you keep up with your bill payments.
--As an independent developer, I would like to personally thank you for choosing my bill reminder and welcome you to provide any feedback and suggestions directly to me through e-mail. Feel free to try out the full trial free version "EZ Bill Reminder Full Free" if you are not ready to buy yet.--
++Notification system: you specify how far in advance to be notified of an upcoming bill reminder and the app automatically generates notifications that will alert you days before and even after the bill is overdue.
++Complete flexibility: you are not restricted on things such as bill reminder frequency and reminder notification times like similar apps; you can have bill reminders reoccur as often as you need them to (even every day) and be notified at any minute during the day.
++Home screen widget: provides a quick view to what bill reminders are coming up without even opening the app!
++Accurate bill dates: this app was designed to NEVER lose the actual bill reminder date that can occur in similar apps because of extra/less days from month-to-month.
++Separate views for accounts and bill reminders: by using separate views, you have complete confidence in what you are changing. Change details of a bill reminder without affecting the account it belongs to or update account details to automatically update every bill reminder.
++Adding an account is as easy as you want it to be with EZ Bill Reminder: the only required fields when adding an account are name, price, and first payment date. You do have the option to add a URL link, notes, and limited payment accounts.
++Bill summation tool: gives you the option to select multiple bills, view their total calculated cost, and pay them all at once.
++Complete bill reminder history: provides a way for bill reminders to never be lost again. When a bill is paid, the account will hold a history of it containing the price paid, actual due date, and date paid that can be accessed at any time.
++Create a new bill reminder instance without changing the account: Imagine you have an account that has an unforeseen payment or you just want to make an extra payment on. With EZ Bill Reminder, you can create a new bill instance without changing the account it belongs to.
++Easy importing from EZ Bill Reminder Full Free version: If you choose to upgrade to the paid version of this app, do not worry about losing previous data. The first time you open the paid version, your data will automatically be imported from the free version. ***Do not remove the free version from your device until you verify that your data has successfully moved to the paid version***
++Full tutorial included in both free and paid versions: As the setup of the app might not be immediately familiar to users, a full tutorial describing the overall layout and how to use each tool is provided as a part of the app.

EZ Bill Reminder screenshot for Android
EZ Bill Reminder screenshot for Android
EZ Bill Reminder screenshot for Android
EZ Bill Reminder screenshot for Android
EZ Bill Reminder screenshot for Android
EZ Bill Reminder screenshot for Android
EZ Bill Reminder Require:
Require Android 4.0 and up
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