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Checkbook Genius 3 App

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Checkbook Genius 3 App Description:
Manage any account with a balance – checking, savings, debit cards, gift cards, even credit cards – and avoid costly bounced check fees or low balance surprises! Balance your checkbook with Checkbook Genius! And now, do it with a splash of color with the new customizable color background!
Recompiled and adjusted for Android Lollipop (Version 5.0), Checkbook Genius has been around since 2009 and has helped thousands of users avoid overdraft fees not just by flagging accounts that are negative, but when they’re getting low. Low balances – you pick what’s “low” – are flagged in yellow, while zero or negative balances are flagged in red. And you can see all your accounts in one handy place!
An easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to enter checks (with automatic check numbering), withdrawals, deposits, and more. If you pay bills online, there’s even a place for you to type in confirmation or reference numbers!
Handle transactions you create on a monthly basis in one of two simple ways. Presets let you specify a payee and an amount, and you can edit a preset any time if changes are needed. Or create recurring transactions – you schedule for transactions to be automatically posted to the accounts of your choice, and when the post date arrives (or if it has passed), you simply approve each transaction to have it written to the account and your balance adjusted. No surprises!
Reconciliation is also easy – Checkbook Genius can bring up a single screen where you can see a total of all your uncleared transactions. Then you tap another button to automatically create an adjusting entry in your checking account. If you need to clear a bunch of transactions as a batch, that’s easy, too – you can mark every transaction in your account with one action, or specify a cutoff date.
Checkbook Genius also has a handy backup center, making it easy for you to migrate your Checkbook Genius data from one Android device to another.
Here’s a list of some of the features in Checkbook Genius 3 for Android:
(NEW!) CUSTOMIZABLE BACKGROUND COLOR. Pick a background color that suits your mood!
(NEW!) PAYEE SEARCH. Find all transactions matching a particular payee.
RECURRING TRANSACTIONS. Great for managing transactions that occur regularly like rent, mortgage or car payments.
CONFIRMATION NUMBER FIELD. Pay a lot of bills online? Jot those confirmation or reference numbers in this new field for transactions!
TABLET SUPPORT. If you have an Android tablet, you can enjoy using Checkbook Genius in the easy to view landscape mode designed for larger screens and devices!
PRESETS. Presets allow you to pre-define any payee and amount combination for regular use.
SCRATCH PAD. A handy place to jot down reminders, built right into the app.
SORTING. Sort accounts 6 different ways, and sort transactions 8 different ways.
TRANSFERS. Move funds directly between accounts.
RECONCILIATION. Checkbook Genius totals up all transactions not marked as cleared. The difference is automatically added or subtracted from your account.
AUTO-FILL OF PAYEES. Less typing! After entering the first two characters of a payee name, you’re presented with a list of payees. Just tap the one you want to use.
CHANGEABLE LOW BALANCE INDICATOR. You can determine what is “low”. If your account’s balance drops below the figure you set, the account display appears in yellow.
PASSWORD PROTECTION. Don’t feel like pattern-locking your Android phone? Create your own custom password or passcode.
Stop giving money for bounced checks to your bank and know more about your money with Checkbook Genius!

Checkbook Genius 3 App screenshot for Android
Checkbook Genius 3 App screenshot for Android
Checkbook Genius 3 App screenshot for Android
Checkbook Genius 3 App screenshot for Android
Checkbook Genius 3 App screenshot for Android
Checkbook Genius 3 App screenshot for Android
Checkbook Genius 3 App Require:
Require Android 3.0 and up
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