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CaixaBank Description:
Download the free Caixabank app to access a wide variety of services offered by the bank (ReciBox, Bolsa Abierta, Línea Abierta, card operations, etc), find the closest ATMs and branches and carry out all the usual banking transactions with our award-winning online banking app. All your personal finances from your cell phone, without going to the ATM or into the branch.

What can I do with Caixabank's app?

● Immediate access to Línea Abierta Móvil
With the Caixabank app, you will be able to check your balance and do your usual operations such as transfers, money and bill management, multi-signature, donations, personal finances, income, manage your debit and credit cards, stock market operations, and receive customer support, etc., without having to go to the ATM.

Main operations available:

- ACCOUNTS: All movements detailed and in chronological order of all your accounts. (transfers, income, bills, card cash, fines, etc.) Your finances under control.

- CARDS: Check all the movements on your debit or credit card(s). Report stole and lost cards.

- DEPOSITS: Request and manage fixed term deposits.

- FUNDS: Find the fund that best suits your needs and manage your returns.

- LOANS: Choose and manage loans and mortgages that best suit your needs.

- INSURANCE: Choose and manage your insurance including “Savings and Investment”, “Home and Cars” and “Life, Accident, and Health”.

- PLANS: Select the plans that best suit you.

- CELL PHONE: Set up your cell phone number to receive alerts on your accounts and cards and recharge the balance of your cell phone if you require it.

- SECURITIES: Analyze your investment on the stock market and the returns of your invested money.

More advantages of Caixabank app:

● Search for Caixabank branches and ATMs nearby
You will find the closest ATM and branches within an integrated map, including information about the main services available.

● Access to other Caixabank products
Caixabank app includes direct access to products such as Recibox, Open Stock Exchange, accounts, card(s), deposits, funds, stock exchange or pension plans, finances, income, etc. All your mobile banking in the palm of your hand.

● Customizable application
Edit and select your favorite Caixabank applications as shortcuts. Caixabank is the best online and mobile banking app for managing your personal finances.

● App linked to Ford vehicles
The app allows you to link the search engine to Ford vehicles. You will find the nearest branches and ATMs using the vehicle's voice or dashboard controls.

The Caixabank app is available for all Android versions. You can find more information about this here

Take your online bank wherever you go and manage all your finances with the Caixabank app. Always with security guaranteed by CaixaProtect®.

CaixaBank, S.A. is the banking institution and the holder of this online banking application.

CaixaBank screenshot for Android
CaixaBank screenshot for Android
CaixaBank screenshot for Android
CaixaBank screenshot for Android
CaixaBank screenshot for Android
CaixaBank screenshot for Android
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Require Android Varies with device
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