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Bluecoins- Finance And Budget

Finance, budget, manager
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Bluecoins- Finance And Budget Description:
Bluecoins is a personal finance and budget manager app that is simple and easy to use, with that clean, modern design that you expect from a finance and budget app. It's the most straightforward finance and budget app you'll find on the market. Our aim is to let you learn as much you can about your personal money, assets, liability and finances. You'll be surprised how easy you can learn, while having fun reaching your financial and money goals with Bluecoins.
Modern, simple but deeply powerful
• Very smooth and fast interface
• Very intuitive worklow from creating transactions to generating amazing finance and budget charts and reports
• Clean material design, every visual controls thoughtfully designed
• Pleasing Light and True Black Dark Theme (looks good in AMOLED screen)
• Tablet compatible design, see more of the bigger picture
• Widget to view running expense (today, last 7 & 30 days) and quick transaction
• Password Security
• Fingerprint Unlocking for newer devices
Take control of your personal finances, the easy way
• Track your assets, liabilities and net worth
• Compare your current account balances and net worth today to any given point in time
• Track your account balances over time
• Track your income and expenses with categories and budget targets
• Understand how much you spend and earn for any date range and frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
• Hide accounts you don't need to show up in the charts and reports
Transactions made easy
• Easily create any type of transactions (income, expense and transfers)
• Split transactions- assign a single transaction against multiple categories
• Automatically remember all transactions for blazing fast recording
• Don't scramble to compute, app has built-in calculator
• Blazing fast search of transactions, search as you type
International support
• Multi-currency support
• Automatically downloads currency conversion rate from internet when connection is available
• Add transactions in any currency and dynamically adjust exchange rates
• Localized formatting for money figures
Charts and Reports
• Daily Summary Chart
• Incomes, expense and cash flow
• Assets, liabilities and net worth
• Categorized spending and income
• Budget tracking
• Account balance over time
Export your data
• Export all chart graphs/reports
• Export all reports in spreadsheet format (such as Microsoft Excel)
• Export all transactions
• Export all account balances
Import transactions from Excel
Calendar Highlights
Never forget a bill
• Bills and reminders
• Setup one time or recurring bills (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) that can be set to repeat at dynamic intervals
• Automatic notifications when they are due
Secure your data
• Backup and restore data from your phone
• Automatically set backups to repeat daily
• Online backup and restoration of data via your own Dropbox account
• Dropbox QuickSync!
• Easily restore data across your devices
To support the development and future enhancement of the app, please consider upgrading to the premium version. This version includes features such as:
Cash Flow Card
Sync with Dropbox
Phone notifications when bills or reminders are due
Export all reports and transation types into Excel
Calendar highlights expanded to previous months
Unlimited accounts/categories (standard limit is 15/20)
Advance transaction search
German (credits to zerosys of XDA)
Please email [email protected] for any issues or problem you may have on the app before rating.

Bluecoins- Finance And Budget screenshot for Android
Bluecoins- Finance And Budget screenshot for Android
Bluecoins- Finance And Budget screenshot for Android
Bluecoins- Finance And Budget screenshot for Android
Bluecoins- Finance And Budget screenshot for Android
Bluecoins- Finance And Budget screenshot for Android
Bluecoins- Finance And Budget Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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