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Best Stocks Now!

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Best Stocks Now! Description:
Best Stocks Now is the most powerful and innovative app ever created for the stock market, yet it is simple and easy to use!
Developed by a professional money manager who is on the front lines of the market every trading day.
The app combines performance and value and points you, the investor, in the right direction.
The app will help guide you through the cycles in the market. It will help you be in the right places at the right time, and out of the wrong places at the wrong time.
The App ranks over 3,000 stocks, etf(s), asset classes, indexes, sectors, closed-end funds and mutual funds daily.
The developer, Bill Gunderson is a professional money manager, stock analyst, author, newsletter writer, and radio talk-show host.
The app allows you to follow Bill's live twitter feed throughout the trading day. It also enables you to hears Bill's daily live radio show, or listen to the archives.
Bill is a regular contributor to theStreetcom, Marketwatch, Seekingalpha, and numerous other publications. You can access his weekly articles through the app.
Bill Gundersonhas appeared numerous times on Fox News, and the Fox Business Channel. He is also a frequent guest on Bloomberg Radio.
The app allows users to evaluate a stock in mere seconds.
What is the stock worth? Is it currently under-valued?
How has the stock performed over the last 1,3,5, and 10 years?
What are the best stocks in the market right now?
How do they stack up against over 3,000 other stocks?
What is the stock's overall Gunderson Grade?
The proprietary Gunderson Grade is based on value, performance, and safety.
Less than 10% of the entire market gets an "A" grade at any given time.
Doesn't a "STRAIGHT A" portfolio make sense? Why continue to own B's, C's, D's, and F’s?
You will be shocked at who is ON the current "A" list.
Stocks value, performance and bottom-line grade are updated daily. "A" rated stocks can remain at the top for weeks, months, and even years!
Current "A" rated stocks are a reflection of the current market and economy.
The app is an invaluable tool used by a professional money manager that will guide you to the best stocks or closed-end funds in the market at any given time!
The app allows users to look up stocks alphabetically, by risk profile, market capitalization, sector, or proprietary grade from a database of 200 stocks.
The upgraded version contains over 3,000 stocks and closed-end funds. The auto-renewable subscriptions will be available for $9.99/mo., $49.99/6 mos., or $89.99/yr. For any questions please see our terms of use and privacy policy here -
The individual stock view shows the stock symbol, name, sector, market-cap, risk-profile, price, EPS estimate, forward PE ratio, estimated 5 Yr. growth rate, and a proprietary 5 year target price. It also shows the stock's 5 year upside potential.
The app also displays a proprietary VALUE GRADE of A-F.
Next, the app shows the all-important, 1 month, 3 month, 12 month, 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year performance of the stocks vs. the S&P 500.
The app next shows a proprietary MOMENTUM grade (A-F) based on the stocks 1,3,6, and 12 mo. performance.
Next, the app shows a LONG-TERM performance grade (if applicable) based on it's 3,5,and 10 yr. performance. You will be shocked to see the who the best performers have been.
These are truly stocks of today and not yesteryear!
The app next shows how the stock did during the last bear market along with a proprietary safety grade.
Finally, at the bottom of the app it shows a proprietary overall GUNDERSON GRADE for the stock (A-F) and where the stock ranks overall out of a database of over 3,000 stocks.
You will not be left alone to navigate the market any more. The app also include links to professional money manager Bill Gunderson's daily radio show and daily tweets.


Best Stocks Now! screenshot for Android
Best Stocks Now! screenshot for Android
Best Stocks Now! screenshot for Android
Best Stocks Now! Require:
Require Android 2.3 and up
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